First Birthday Invitation Sayings

Published: 10th March 2009
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Your child's first birthday is definitely a reason to celebrate and invite the whole world over to join you. For that you'll need birthday invitations, but even more important, you'll need some first birthday invitation sayings to put on them. Typically, the birthday invitation wording should be fun and playful, and perhaps matching an overall theme of the party. It's very common to see invitation wording for first birthday's to have a rhyming scheme or be in verse form. Here are some examples of some possible first birthday invitation verses:

Our baby girl is turning one,

Come join us for a day of fun!


It's already time for his first birthday party,

Come celebrate with us and don't be tardy!

You might consider including a theme. For example, if you want to have a princess themed party, you'll want to have the Royal Princess party invitations or the Little Princess Party Invitation. With wording to match, such as:

Our little Princess requests your presence at a party in her honor,

To celebrate her first birthday.

Please join us at our castle on August 1st at 1PM.

Or if your little boy is having a dinosaur themed party, you'll want to have the Dinosaur Birthday Invitation with wording to match, such as:

Saturday the 12th Alex turns one,

There's sure to be cake, ice cream and fun.

We can't wait to see you at our door,

You might even see a dinosaur!

It's also recommended that you include a map with directions with the First Birthday Party Invitation, along with a contact phone number so that people can contact you in case they get lost. You can include this information in the body of the party invitation, such as:

One candle on the cake,

On August 1st, don't be late!

Our baby's wish, he's turning one,

Is that you'll be there for all the fun!

Join us at 1234 West Park Street at 1PM

Please RSVP by July 25th


It can also be written on the back, separate from the birthday invitation wording, whatever your preference.

Some additional first birthday invitation saying suggestions:

Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum,

Little Johnny's turning one!

His nursery rhyme party is almost here,

We hope we'll get to see you there!

Ice Cream, Cookies, Cake, oh my!

You're invited, so don't be shy!

A party for our little boy,

He's turning one, oh what a joy!

Remember, you don't have to use rhymes.

It's party time!
Join us for Ryan's 1st Birthday

Saturday 14th 2:00 - 4:00 pm

The Larken house

1603 "N" Street

Regrets only 707-234-5678

First brithdays are fun so don't hesitate being creative and crafting a message that makes people smile. Or keep it simple, convey the facts and share the smiles during your little one's special day.

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