Halloween Invitation Wording

Published: 27th March 2009
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Besides being fun, your Halloween Invitation Wording should let your guests know many things about your party. Is it a costume party? Are children welcome? Are you providing any food or drinks? It's best not to leave your guests in the dark!

The wording for Halloween Party Invitations is very similar to that of any other type of invitation. It usually starts with a clever phrase, in this case one that's Halloween themed, and is followed by the information of the party, including the date and time, the address, and any other special instructions.

Your basic Halloween party invitation will look something like this:

Vampires, Werewolves, and Ghosts, what a fright!

It's time for a costume party this Halloween night!

Join us for a Spook-tacular hosted by the Anderson's

Saturday, October 29th

7:00 pm - Midnight

1444 West Maple, Portland

Devilish Drinks and Frightful finger foods will be provided.

Costumes required and Children welcome

Directions and map on back

This is a perfect opportunity to get creative with your invitation wording. There's plenty of puns right at your finger tips. Instead of Hosted, say your party is being Ghosted by the Anderson's. Instead of The party will begin, say The undertaking will being promptly at 7:00 pm. Have fun with your Halloween invitation wording, because that's what the holiday is all about.

If you're hosting a party exclusively for adults, your adult Halloween party invitations need not be different from any other Halloween party invitations. They can even have the same clever Halloween wording you might use for a children's party.

Here's a couple more examples to get your creativity flowing:

We're throwing a party for Halloween night

This trick or treat's for adults, that's right

Martini's and mayhem, it will be quite the sight

Costumes REQUIRED, or you're in for a fright!

Saturday, October 31st

7:30 pm - ?

The Anderson's Haunted House

1227 Northwest Blvd, Spokane

Don't be a creep, RSVP to (509) 777-7777

Werewolves howl, Vampires bite...

The Anderson's party on Halloween night!

Join us for our 3rd Annual Halloween Boohaha!

Saturday, October 231st

8:00 pm - Midnight

790 W. 31st Ave

Food and setups will be provided, so bring your own "spirits."

Costumes encouraged; No children please

Directions and map on back

If rhyming isn't quite your thing, you can still be creative while keeping it simple, like the following:


We're having a Halloween party

And you're invited!

Hosted by The Andersons

Friday, October 30th

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

6015 N. Monroe, Cedar City

Finger foods and drinks provided

Costumes encouraged and children welcome

Please RSVP to (801) 777-7777

No matter your preference, have fun with your Halloween invitation wording. Your Halloween party invitations are a great tool to get your guests excited and ready to party.

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